Explaining the Grading System

Just in case you were wondering what all those numbers mean…

10 = A masterpiece: not only a great movie, but proof of cinema’s artistic potential.

9 = A great movie, a must-see, something truly special.

8 = A really good movie, deserving of intense respect even if it has some flaws.

7 = A good, interesting movie with considerable limitations.

6 = An ok movie, with enough worthy elements to give it a pass.

5 = A few interesting elements in an otherwise frustrating or mediocre movie.

4 = A pretty bad movie: uninspired or mediocre, but still tolerable.

3 = A bad movie: Isolated bits of hope in an otherwise painful experience.

2 = A terrible movie: The same as a “3”, without the isolated bits of hope.

1 = A single element keeps this from being completely worthless.

0 = I can’t find a reason why this movie should exist.


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